Fundamentals scan

What our customers say:

Dieuwke knows how to see things from a company’s perspective. She can identify herself with a founder and brings her advice in a way that isn’t offensive or bashing your company. The scan brought me an extensive insight and awareness with 73 points and 11 to-do’s that are normally not on your priority list.

For me, Dieuwke perfectly balances between the entrepreneurial opportunities and legal challenges when running a company. All in all an in-depth scan that’s really worth the time and money.”

Niek Hermus, cofounder InForIntelligence – Amsterdam.

Building a stable fundament for your house is common sense….

But what about the fundamentals for your business ?

Based on many years of experience when coaching startup founders Dieuwke Hoogland has developed a scan to test the stability of your company. Executing the scan, you will be able to set up a prioritized plan to develop the structure of the entity and make it ready for further expansion.

What we do:

  • Detailed scan of 70+ topics, referring to Legal Documents, Sales Contracts, Cooperations, Contracting, Insurance etc.
  • During a 2 hour interactive session we bring handsome insights and awareness on the status of your fundamentals.
  • Advice, practical tips, tailored to your company’s status.
  • Wrap up report with tips and suggestions afterwards.
  • We advise on potential service providers like law firms, accountants that fit to your needs and budget.
  • All-in price of Euro 250,- excl. VAT and travel cost.

 We do not deliver:

  • Specialized legal or accountancy proceedings, we are no lawyers/accountants.
  • Extensive study or reporting on your current fundamentals, this can be done on request at an hourly basis.

What we do

We design startups for Corporates by finding innovative, promising ideas from within the Corporate. Taking them out of the company, surround the idea with highly educated young startup entrepreneurs, together we foster the idea in a 3-months Proof of Concept period. We closely work in a team of entrepreneurs, Corporate and the Venture Generator. The result of this phase is a POC that will be presented to the Corporate management board.

The Corporate can decide if they see enough potential value in the proposition to invest in the startup as the first, arms-length Seed Investor. This will give the startup the resources to quickly build a power-team and develop the first commercial products. At the same time the Corporate will be the launching customer and could have a limited exclusivity period.

A new startup has been built and is fully ready to go.