Why we do this


Help corporates to innovate faster

Corporates have ideas but most often do not have the people, time and knowledge to bring innovative, out-of-the-box ideas into execution.

The Venture Generator believes that by fusing the power and market reach of the corporate with the agility and flexibility of the Startup, it will help both to explore opportunities and innovate faster and outside of the mainstream businessmodel.

How we do this


Create startups by design

The Venture Generator will search for dormant ideas within the Corporate, find a team of entrepreneurs, and launch a new startup designed to explore these ideas, create a proof of concept and a new businessmodel.

What we do

We design startups for Corporates by finding innovative, promising ideas from within the Corporate. Taking them out of the company, surround the idea with highly educated young startup entrepreneurs, together we foster the idea in a 3-months Proof of Concept period. We closely work in a team of entrepreneurs, Corporate and the Venture Generator. The result of this phase is a POC that will be presented to the Corporate management board.

The Corporate can decide if they see enough potential value in the proposition to invest in the startup as the first, arms-length Seed Investor. This will give the startup the resources to quickly build a power-team and develop the first commercial products. At the same time the Corporate will be the launching customer and could have a limited exclusivity period.

A new startup has been built and is fully ready to go.